New Hope Fellowship, (formerly Harvester of Souls Int'l Ministries, HOSIM) originated as an evangelical outreach out of Zebulun Jesus is Lord Barbershop in Lakewood, NJ on September 29, 2006.


This ministry had its roots in a Wednesday evening bible study that was formed to instruct and equip the many new believers who were being led to the Lord through the preaching that took place during normal business hours.

A Sunday service was then added to the long-standing bible study/prayer meeting and the church officially launched on September 30, 2007. 

In 2014, one of the founding pastors, (Nicole Rosato) went on to be with the Lord. A year later, the church's name was changed to New Hope Fellowship along with other changes in leadership. Although the name was changed, the mission of the church remains the same. That mission is to share with others the love, joy and radical transformation that comes from knowing Jesus.