Test Your Knowledge About The Life Of Jesus

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10 Questions about the Life of Jesus

1. Where was Jesus born? 

a. Nazareth

b. Galilee

c. Jerusalem 

d. Bethlehem 


2. What did Jesus and the disciples eat at the last supper? 

a. Fish and water

b. Bread and wine

c. Dates and figs

d. Lamb stew


3. What was Jesus' first miracle?

a. Raising the dead

b. Healing a blind man

c. Turning water into wine

d. Multiplying the loaves and fish


4. How old was Jesus when He was baptized? 

a. 8

b. 12

c. 30

d. 1


5. How many people did Jesus raise from the dead during His ministry? 

a. 8

b. 3

c. 10

d. None


6. Who warned Pontius Pilate not to crucify Jesus? 

a. Herod

b. Mary

c. Judas

d. His wife


7. Where did Jesus ascend to Heaven? 

a. Mount of Olives

b. Calvary 

c. Mount Sinai

d. The Garden of Gethsemane


8. Who baptized Jesus? 

a. Matthew

b. Luke

c. John the Baptist

d. Paul


9. What was the king's name who sought to kill Jesus as a baby? 

a. Pilate

b. Caesar

c. Herod
d. Nero


10. After Jesus is crucified, who takes him off the cross?

a. Joseph of Arimathea

b. Jesus’ parents

c. Peter

d. John


Answer Key: 1) d  2) b  3) c  4) c  5) b  6) d  7) a  8) c  9) c  10) a

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